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Thursday, May 29, 2014

My blogging experience

Dear blog reader,

Over the time of doing this blog assignment I have done may writing assignment ranging from basic book reviews and passion blog post to the harder SSR (self-selected response) post. Because of this assignment I have become a more talented writer. I also love the fact that we got to choose what we wanted to do our blogs on, that way I could learn more about a topic that I can actually work with and that I’m comfortable with.

The first blog post that I wrote was "why military is an option?" it was about how the military can help people if they don’t know what they want to do in the future. It also was an example of why I wanted to go in and what I'm going in for. It was a little difficult since we were just starting on the blog assignment and I had no idea how i was going to manage to complete the assignments. When we started doing the assignments every week I realized that being able to choose your topic to write about would be much easier. Later in the month we started doing book responses and to be honest I wasn't doing easy I struggled with the first one titled The Book U.S. Special Forces Shows The Everyday Risk Of Soldiers. Like the title says the book overall showed and told about the dangers that special forces and military in general face everyday at war. It showed me how to create my thought and the thoughts of the author together into one piece. It also taught me to become more of an elaborate writer and use more definition based words instead of using basic spelling that a third grader could do. It started to make me progress more and more from the first book review to the interviews. There were other blog posts before all of those ranging from basic to more advanced.

One of the more basic ones was the history of the US Army. Where I just had to look up and do a little research on when and how it was created and who created it. In the post it would show you the main reason that the US Army was created and who it was created by. For one of the more advanced blog post it would have to be the first SSR that Ms.Conley had us do. It was more difficult because I had to read the full report or essay and pick it apart and figure out if I do agree or disagree to the statement or statements of the male or female who has typed up their paper. For example the facts about military spending that's about the so called facts on how the military was spending their money. The people at the new york times made it seem as if the military was just burning money way for pointless reasons. When in reality they were and still are using the money to invest in more futuristic technology and medicine they also use the money to pay for the living and feeding cost of a soldier.In conclusion this amazing writing assignment has helped me increase my writing talent and ability.


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