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United States Military Insignias
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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Military Demographics

 For anybody who is looking to join the Military I would suggest that people look at the statistics. Statistic brain has all the information that people would like to know. Each branch has different things that the stats can provide. For example for women I would suggest that you would enlist into the Air Force, Navy, or Army in that order. Those branches have the higher percent of women in the Military. For people that are considered minorities the perfect branch to join would be the Navy with a huge percent at 33.8% of minorities join the Navy. Each branch will differ in everything. For people who want to join the biggest branch and extend the brotherhood or become an Officer I would recommend that you join the US Army. While if you’re joining with a bachelor’s degree or higher it would be better to join the Air Force or join the Army and work on advanced equipment. Since the Air Force has 99% of people in the Air Force have bachelor’s degrees while serving. I would highly recommend that people look deeply into what they feel is perfect for them and to find something that they would like to do.


  1. Reid, why would you not suggest that if you're a single white male, that you would join the Marines? That's just rude. But overall this is a good post, and I agree with what you are saying.