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Friday, March 21, 2014

Hold On Credit To Sgt.1st Class Andre Anderson

This black earth it holds me back

I only wish that I were home

So you could tell me what was right 

And I could try to change what's wrong

Diyahnnn diyahnnnnnn

It's all the distance between us now

That gives me fear that you are gone

Please hear my heart that beats loud

And just hold onnnnnnn

Just hold on...

If the battles I have lived through 

Were in vain then give me death

In this war there are only losers

As the victors beat their chests

Diyahnnn diyahnnnnnn

I'm just animal in nature

Without knowing I am in your heart

Just not knowing brings out anger 

And it's tearing me apart

Hold on...hold on...

The fertile earth consumes me now

Underneath this great dark cloud

Your last words deeply cut me

From my grave I'll cry out loud!

Diyahnnn diyahnnnnnn

Someone waiting for a Soldier to come home wrote the other anonymous poem

The T-Shirt

Mingling musk

sweat scent

powder punctures

cotton creases

Tears trickle

Away now

save again for later

bring the ache 

tomorrow still gone

another day 

without you

Credit to Sgt.1st Class Andre Anderson of the United States Army for his winning poem.

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