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Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Facts About Military Spending

In response to the so called facts from news groups The New York Times who say that think that cutting the military budget and that we spend more on military then what is needed are wrong. Currently our budget is only spending an estimated 29 percent on the military while they are spending 39 percent on welfare mainly which for all we know could be supporting addicts and all we would be doing is helping them get their drugs into their possession. While if we increase the military spending we could create more military based jobs. In fact the military is the leader in creating jobs in America alone. The military has every job known to man. If you think it's not true we have everything from animal care specialist to small things such as bass guitar player or if you’re good enough you can be chosen to be on a sports team for the military like football, wrestling, and even basketball. Also people with military background have a better chance of getting jobs after their military career even if it doesn't consist of what they did in the military as their job or jobs if they switched their jobs. Also the military offers the best medical for free along with dental and free housing and food. In conclusion news groups are not all credible as they seem to be or say they are when it comes to subjects.

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  1. I like all the information you provided! I learned a lot from that post. I definitely also think the military budget should be more!