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United States Military Insignias
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Friday, December 13, 2013

History Of The US Army

The US Army was created and established on June 14 1775 when the Continental Congress authorized the enlistment of riflemen to serve in the United Colonies for up to one year. Before the American Revolution broke out, the Colonies didn't have the possession of an Army in the modern sense. What they did have was a small bunch of colonial troops made from the New England Militia and that was as close as they had to a modern Army of that time. In the spring of 1775 the Colonies decided to establish a  draft of rule that was authorized from the Continental Congress to enlist the best sharpshooters and riflemen in all the Colonies. After the Continental Congress authorized the action to spend about two million dollars to train the soldiers they recruit to make them the best that they could be also it was spent a little for an ex Prussian General to come and train the rag tag soldiers that they had to work with. Months later they had assembled the best sharpshooters from each of the Colonies. With the training and organization of the soldiers and help from the ex Prussian General Baron Von Steuben the Colonies won and with that came the birth of the Modern US Army.        

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